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Red Moth Music is a Music Discovery agency based in London. We discover, create and license music for visuals.
Instead of seeking fame on stages, in concert halls, and in clubs, we channel our creative passion into searching for independent artists with unique talents and collaborating with them to create music for visuals. To make it easier for you, we have personally handpicked every track in our roster for its cinematic possibilities.
Red Moth Music was formed in 2012 by Brian Kelly and is the enterprise through which he the skilled team share their passion for pairing music with the moving image - from newbie stars in the making to 100% original scores. We have provided music for some of the top brands and TV shows including: Samsung, Audi, Coca Cola, MTV, BBC America and many more.

<p><b> Our Roster of Talented Artists </b>.</p>

Our Roster of Talented Artists .

We collaborate with phenomenal artists and inspirational composers from all over the world. Take time to listen to our Themed Playlists for the quality you can expect from our artists.
<p><b> Bespoke Music Searches </b>.</p>

Bespoke Music Searches .

We know our artists’ music inside out, so we can easily help you find something that resonates with your visuals. Contact us today and let us be your creative music partners.
<p><b> Creative Music Production </b>.</p>

Creative Music Production .

When pre-existing track won’t quite do, we’ll be glad to compose an original piece of music to your specifications. We are here to help you create the right soundtrack for your production.

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"Music and cinema fit together naturally, because there's a kind of intrinsic musicality to the way moving images work together."

Martin Scorsese

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Please get in touch if you would like to send us a music brief, license a music track from one of our artists, or talk to us about creating an original score.

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